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On November 17, 2022, the 103rd GILC Summit successfully took place and active investors and heads of Family Offices had the opportunity to take heart in meeting old friends and establish new trustful connections, unshackle themselves from daily worries and discuss mutual interests and possible co-investment deals with other prominent investors. The Summit always presents an opportunity for investors to expand their worldview and gain new knowledge through sharing precious first-hand news of what’s happening in multiple countries across the globe from business, life and investment perspectives. Today, we will present some of the valuable information shared during the 103rd GILC Summit.

What is happening in the UK:

According to Hadyn Craig, Venture Partner at Milltrust International Group, UK, London is going through a period of really high inflation and although there’s still an appetite in the market, they will still be seeing a lot of changes in the financial sector. His statement is backed by what Savvas Neophytou, CIO at Deepbridge Capital, UK, said about the current situation of the UK; Savvas mentioned that the last months have been difficult for the UK in general, mainly thanks to the political state of the UK. Although there is a lot of uncertainty in the UK, especially in some counties in the west where there is an anomaly of high inflation with low growth, which makes it difficult to introduce fiscal policies to fix, it is good to know that there are still some encouraging signs out there and the interest rate may pick up to 5%.

What is happening in the US: 

As claimed by Emanuel Pleitez, Co-Founder at East Los Capital, US, most of the tech companies are down to 70% valuation, some even worse, which makes for a great time to invest in some of those considering that now everything is considerably cheaper. He even mentioned that he is personally looking for the best investment opportunities and is excited to deploy more capital. Marcus Novacheck, Partner & CIO at 151 Capital, agreed with Emanuel and added that the economy is going strong now thanks to the preparation for Thanksgiving and Christmas. He also noted how the value of real estate has come down a bit thanks to the rise in interest rates.

What is happening in Canada:

Ramzi Shnoudeh, President at REGENT TRADING SERVICES INC, said that Canada is still facing some considerable challenges regarding inflation and the government is currently fighting it by raising the interest rates, which affects everything regarding prices, such as retail and real estate.

What is happening in India:

As stated by Ambuj Mathur, Managing Partner at Indite Ventures LLP, India, the startup ecosystem is booming and there are still a lot of very decent opportunities coming out at more reasonable valuations, although inflation is still a big challenge in India, according to Ambush, the government is adjusting to the high inflation and some solutions should soon mitigate the issue.

What is happening in Germany:

Konstantin Andreev, CFO at Zitrone FO, Germany, claims that the crypto and blockchain market in Germany has been through some tremendous changes. The people involved in this market are getting increasingly serious about it, which is very constructive for this market. He also mentioned a sense of unification being spread across Europe, which has a profound impact on energy independence and energy infrastructure. 

What is happening in Greece:

Petros Economou, Investments and Finance Professional at KENASIN, Greece, talked about how the hospitality industry is booming at this time in Greece thanks to the current business-friendly government, which is fantastic for the country since they very much depend on the sectors of hospitality, services and real estate. He also mentioned that though there are many projects taking place all over Greece, there are still some issues: Greece used to and still faces some bureaucracy and high inflation.

What is happening in East Africa:

In accordance with what Jon Bennion-Pedley, CEO at Investment Owl, Uganda, said, things are tough in East Africa; inflation is increasingly a problem alongside climate change, which is one of many particular complications that they are facing. But although things are tough and difficult, there is a lot of value in Africa right now.

This exquisite and insightful news was shared by successful active investors and heads of Family Offices during the 103rd GILC Summit hosted by the Global Investment Leaders Club. To be able to participate in the priceless exchange of first-hand information, as well as to have an opportunity of entering new social circles by expanding your network of international investors, make sure to register for the upcoming Family Office Gathering Chapter 2, which will take place on December 1, 2022. The spots for such an exemplary event are limited, so register now to secure your participation: