104th Co-Investing Atrium – Icon Ventures

Co-Investing Atrium

The Co-Investing Atrium is a Club Gathering that focuses on introducing/presenting co-investment opportunities to the Club’s community of active investors. During this gathering, a fund or a project is pitched to the investors and after that, the investment community will work together to provide this fund with strategic support and resources to ensure the proper development of the company. On the 23rd of November, 2022, the 104th Co-Investing Atrium successfully took place and dozens of active and highly-esteemed investors of the Global Investment Leaders Club gathered to take a closer look at a fascinating co-investment opportunity. The fund that was presented at the 104th Co-Investing Atrium was the 7th fund of a leading VC from Silicon Valley, Icon Ventures, a company with operations across North America, Ireland and Japan.

Icon Ventures is a specialty venture capital Silicon Valley-based firm with nearly 20 years of experience and success in venture capital with a primary focus mainly on leading series B or C financings. With over $780 million under management, Icon Ventures invests with the world’s leading firms in companies that are category winners in security, cloud and data, consumer/SaaS and digital health at their earliest stages of momentum. Icon Ventures investments include iconic market-leading companies such as 41st Parameter, Aster Data, FireEye, Infera, MoPub, Palo Alto Networks, Proofpoint and Teladoc. The fund size is $400M, with only $25M available investments left to close the round.

Jon Bennion-Pedley, COO at Investment Owl, Uganda, stated that he really enjoyed the fund presentation and found it very interesting. He found it to be a very good and low-risk opportunity.

Anthony Jarrin, President & CEO at The Cannaregio Group, US, said he is familiar with and likes the fund model. He also stated that although he is not too involved in this particular sector since most of his funds are on the real estate side, he would help the fund by introducing it to some of his investment colleagues in Latin America who would be very interested in a fund with such a well-thought-out structure and low-risk profile.

Even though we can’t highlight all of the valuable and wise suggestions and advice that were exchanged during the Atrium, we would like to show our gratitude to all the investors who participated in the Atrium and lent their support to this amazing fund.

  • Almas Mohammed, Principle at Great Ethos Holdings Limited, UK.
  • Rajan Jethwa, CEO at Ellipses Pharma, UK.
  • Sid Varma, Founder & CEO at Private Family Office, UK.
  • Trista Bridges, Principal and Cofounder at Read the Air, Japan.
  • Joshua McClure, CEO at Maxwell Biosciences, US.
  • Anthony Jarrin, President & CEO at The Cannaregio Group, US.
  • Anu Pansare, CEO at Volyx, US.
  • Charles Sidman, Founder and MP at ECS Capital Partners LLC, US.
  • Ambuj Mathur, MP at Indite Ventures LLP, India.
  • Jon Bennion-Pedley, CEO at Investment Owl, Uganda.

After the presentation at the Atrium, the fund presented by Icon Ventures has accumulated a lot of insightful and interesting information from the investors, such as suggestions on how to effectively carry on with the fund, how they can establish valuable connections that will find worth in investing in such a fund and direct support in the form of resources to help close the round.

All of this was only possible thanks to the Co-Investing Atrium hosted by the Global Investment Leaders Club, which was able to provide this fund with an outstanding opportunity to be presented to various active and highly-respected investors around the world. The Global Investment Leaders Club is backed by a strong investment community in various industries, such as healthcare, biotech, tech, energy, and agriculture, to name a few. So, if you’re interested in presenting your project or fund at the next Co-Investing Atrium, make sure to send us an email at: office@pif.events