Victoria Lys

Victoria Lys

Victoria is a сhief of the Honorable Guests Department of the Global Investment Leaders Club.

Victoria is responsible for preserving healthy business partnerships with the honorable guests of the Club as well as their long-term goals and managing procedures that help the guests reach their goals. Victoria is a multi-functional professional that counts on a solid and extensive skillset acquired over her years of experience in the area of business and customer relationship management. She speaks 5 languages and possesses 2 Master’s degrees in Law and Pedagogics. Her unique experiences combined with her broad skillset enable the development of strategic partnerships within the global investors’ community.

Anastasia I

Anastasia is the Event Coordinator at the Global Investment Leaders Club.

Anastasia is an active listener and critical thinker with interpersonal communication skills. She is an accomplished professional who’s responsible for overseeing and managing multiple tasks that are related to the event planning process. In her vast skillset, her ability to multitask is notable, as is her problem-solving, usage of strategic planning, effective time management, close attention to detail and ability to meet crucial deadlines as she is a goal-oriented professional. Anastasia speaks 4 languages and she is a highly organized professional who effectively coordinates numerous events and ensures that every little detail is accounted for.

Lana Shpitko

Lana Shpytkowski

Lana is the head of the Global Investment Leaders Club Relationship Assistance.

Among her various responsibilities, she has the goal of providing support in the aspects of client relationship management, system operation, transaction execution, information preparation, filling and back-end support and understanding the needs of every member, should it be a large investor, or a head of a small Family Office or a CEO of a promising startup. It is her duty to ensure that in each meeting they have in the Club, members have a remarkable experience and good results in building foundations for long-lasting, meaningful relationships. 

Lana and her team never fail to create a friendly and welcoming ambiance during the many Club gatherings to enable fruitful and productive communication between participants.


Anna is the Communications Manager of the Global Investment Leaders Club.

Anna is a well-versed and extremely competent professional whose goal is to create, implement and oversee communications programs, whether internal or external, so she can effectively describe and promote the organization. Anna is a confident communicator and presenter with excellent organizational and planning skills. She also speaks 3 languages and possesses 2 diplomas in the areas of Translation and Cybernetics. Her extensive experience as an Interpreter enables her to develop and implement effective communication strategies for the Global Investment Community.

Marcos Fonseca

Marcos Fonseca is the Content Manager at the Global Investment Leaders Club. He is responsible for developing the company’s online presence through the creation and dissemination of multimedia content online.

Among his duties, Marcos ensures that the company’s brand ideals and public media are being upheld while researching, sourcing, writing, and editing interesting content to be published for members and readers. He updates them regularly with relevant and exciting material about the many groundbreaking events and forums hosted by the Global Investment Leaders Club. Marcos speaks 3 languages and counts on a solid background as a content writer and a versatile skillset acquired over the years in the field.