About Global Investment Leaders Club

Global Investment Leaders Club has been created upon the initiative of large international investors. The aim of the club is to have a comfortable place for establishing direct contact and  free communication between investors. 

The Global Investment Leaders Club is the only club in the world for the leaders of the global investment industry, which provides instant contact with any decision-maker in the world via phone, video conference or a personal meeting.

GILC in London

The restrictions on business trips, trade and investment, require new solutions from all of us.
The Board of the Global Investment Leaders Club has taken a strategic decision to support investors from all over the world, and make their personal communication possible without attending events or business trips.

The club personally introduces and recommends each club member to another before contact or a meeting.

Who is it for?

For the heads of investment companies, family offices, Royal family offices, banks and large investors.

The club’s high-end business network includes the heads of investment companies from all over the world, therefore it benefits investors in any country.


Anirudh Tripathy, Managing Director, CEO at KPM ASSET (India, US)


Elaine Chow, Principal and Managing Director at Trinity Capital (Hong Kong)

What is it designed for?

Establishing and expanding trustful relationships with other investment leaders in all regions of the world.

Having unlimited investment opportunities, access to first hand information, resources, markets thanks to the most effective high-end investment networking of the Global Investment Leaders Club.

Having an opportunity to expand essential investment connections even without business trips.


CEO HEPC CAPITAL AB, Hernani Ferreira (Sweden)


GM at Petra Group, Paul Ayyash (Australia)

How does it work?

Investors establish and manage their contacts through the most innovative high-level networking app ‘Connecting Leaders’.

For club members we provide direct contact between investors from different countries by organizing instant telephone calls, video conferences, virtual summits, as well as opportunity to meet at the closed gatherings.

Our Club represents the new generation of business clubs. We organise personal meetings with the top of investment industry and we have the whole relationships infrastructure, where everything is possible in one click.

How does it work?How does it work?


Board Member Trivariance, Claudio Corrente (US)


MP at point5 FAMILY OFFICE, Juan Carlos Lara (Switzerland)

Who are the members of the Global Investment Leaders Club today?

More than 3,000 heads of the world’s largest investment companies, holdings, banks, family offices, including Middle Eastern and European Royal family offices.


Partner at GCRCF (Australia)

Tonino Belmonte


CEO Private Office of HH Sheikh Saeed Bin Tahnoon Al Nahayan

Tahnoon Nimer


“Now, as never before, the top management of investment companies needs to expand and strengthen connections among themselves. Today, only with the Global Investment Leaders Club it can be done in a quick, comfortable and safe manner.”

Instant direct contact between decision-makers: phone, WhatsApp, e-mail etc.

Full information in the profiles of the club members allows you to accurately find right decision-makers to connect with. It takes just one click to establish contact with them.

The trust

The internal culture based on the trust of the participants to each other and the long-standing traditions of the club create friendly and trustworthy bonds between club members, even if they have not been acquainted before.

Events: virtual meeting sessions and gatherings for the Club members.

At the very heart of the Global Investment Leaders Club are personal meetings between companies’ leaders. To make these meetings result in an expansion of useful strategic contacts, we personally introduce members to each other, give our recommendations and provide a comfortable place for private meetings during the gatherings of the Club members.

The schedule of personal meetings

To discuss important issues and hold thematic one-to-one meetings is also possible during virtual meeting sessions for the club members, which are dedicated to particular topics, industries or interests of participants.

Club members have a schedule of personal meetings in advance and hold meetings with interesting participants at the pre-agreed time

Instant direct contact: one-to-one video conferences.

Establishing contact between company heads requires respect and care. Club members can easily establish good relationships with each other without even having a personal physical meeting. In order to do this, a video conference or a phone call can be organized between the heads of companies.

Recommendation and introducing

Club assistants organize video conferences upon request of the club members, recommend and introduce members to each other.


Ashraf Al Moustafa, President Austin University (US)


Ahmed Al Qaseer (Shurooq) UAE



A special mobile app has been developed for the members of the Global Investment Leaders Club.

‘Connecting Leaders’ is the first mobile app designed exclusively for the large investors, heads of investment companies, banks, family offices and Royal family offices. This app allows establish direct contact between investors, organise personal meeting with other investors, thus making co-investing and due-diligence processes easy and comfortable

Beautiful User Interface

‘Connecting Leaders’ app has been used by the members of Global Investment Leaders Club as their organic networking platform. On the ‘Connecting Leaders’ app you can learn the agenda and register for any of the club gatherings, organise meetings and negotiations with others investors and see your personal meetings. Within the framework of the Global Investment Leaders Club activities investors hold regular Round table discussions, closed-door meetings, share insights, forecasts on the world economic and investment concerns and give exclusive interviews. The media section in ‘Connecting Leaders’ continuously publishes exclusive videos, photos and publicity materials about the most influential investment leaders of the world who are the members of the Global Investment Leaders Club. 

Membership in the Global Investment Leaders Club

Membership in the Global Investment Leaders Club is granted exclusively to the heads of investment companies, Royal family offices, family offices, LPs,  institutional investors and other key-players of investment industry.

Membership in the Global Investment Leaders Club is provided solely upon personal invitation and recommendation from existing club members, administration or ambassadors of the Club.

Why should I join now?

The Global Investment Leaders Club is the most powerful and the only tool for investors which is designed and successfully works in the current complicated economic situation in the world. Its development has been guided by major investors, their recommendations and direct participation are the foundation of the Club. The coronavirus pandemic, restrictions on business trips, falling markets, destroyed supply chains, and a lack of finances require immediate action from decision-makers around the world if they are to withstand the crisis.

Today, members of our Club (heads of corporations, investment companies, family offices, including Royal family offices of the Middle East and Europe) are having a crucial opportunity to quickly find new sources of financing or  receive accurate information from large investors without even leaving their home or office.

The Global Investment Leaders Club gives a chance to every investor to keep and continue to develop their business at the time of a global downturn. Not only the Global Investment Leaders Club is a tool for the strategic development of your company, but also the most important operational-tactical tool for maintaining your business today.

You can join now and start using the unique instrument which already is being used by the thousands of leaders of the largest investment companies in the world.

Founder of the Global Investment Leaders Club

Lady Liza Markina

Join the Club

To send an application to join the club, you need to download the ‘Connecting Leaders’ mobile app.