107th Global Investment Leaders Club Summit

107th Global Investment Leaders Club Summit

In this day and age that we live in, information is more critical than ever before; It’s what makes the world go round. However, with the surge of multiple sources of information, each one with its own independent priorities, biased opinions and profit-focused approaches, it is becoming substantially harder to stay updated on what is going on around the world. This is why it is crucial to have access to first-hand delivered information from credible sources such as the ones presented during the Global Investment Leaders Club Summit. The GILC Summit gathers the most renowned and respected investors across the globe together to share and exchange the most prominent news of the world from a business and investment perspective. Today, we will highlight some of the information shared during this commendable event:

What is happening in the US: 

According to Rob May, Founder and CTO at Dianthus, US, there has been a huge surge in the Miami tech and crypto scene. He also pointed out how there is a great working and hiring environment in his area of expertise, which would be the AI and enterprise software fields. Terrence Tormey, Founder and CEO at The Tormey Group, US, stated that what he sees is that currently, everyone is trying to raise capital. Still, funding is not really coming to them because a lot of people are nervous about the current state of the market. But he mentioned that there is hope that, by the beginning of the new year, money will be more available. Anu Pansare, CEO at Volyx, US, claimed that there is not much going on because it is the end of the year, but she mentioned that a lot has changed in the last few months, mainly thanks to the crypto meltdown and tech meltdown.

What is happening in the UK:

James Basden, CEO at Katzenbar, UK, pointed out how the deal sizes are getting smaller, which reflects the uncertainty in the current economic climate in the UK. Patric Martin, Board Director and Advisor at European Media Finance LTD, UK, noted how the blockchain and crypto spaces had grown a lot in the UK in the last couple of years. He indicated how the digital assets space as a whole has been growing non-stop.

What is happening in Dubai:

Sandeep Jadwani, Head of Investment Advisory at Habib Investment Limited, UAE, implied that there is a large flow of deals coming through this season in Dubai, which definitely makes everyone happy. He also said that there are more collaborations being made and the entire region is thriving at the moment.

What is happening in Canada:

Shafiq Vallani, Investment Director at Pollinator Fund, Canada, recognized that Canada is going through some challenges with valuation since a lot of companies are sticking to their valuations from six to twelve months ago, which caused a significant gap in the current market between investment dollars and those looking for funding.

What is happening in Costa Rica:

Ronny Castillo, Managing Director at Gaia Impact, Costa Rica, said that there’s a lot of opportunity in Costa Rica and that he is currently focused on Life Science and trying to promote this area, which is becoming a strong sector in Costa Rica – in fact, it is the biggest exporter sector of the country.

What is happening in Switzerland: 

Gavin Nathan, Executive Vice President at Canam Private Equity & Asset Management, Switzerland, expressed that there is a strong push towards healthcare at the moment, with many innovative startups coming out alongside the tech industry, which is as strong as ever in Switzerland.

What is happening in India:

Shah Nawaz Khan, a Managing Partner at Venley Capital, India, communicated that there is not much happening in India at the moment. However, the stock market is a bit volatile and quite a few opportunities are coming up these last couple of weeks, specifically in alternative investments.

What is happening in South Africa:

Peet Van Jaarsveld, CEO of Blue Future Investments Ltd, South Africa, expressed that the economic condition of South Africa is not the best at the moment. Still, communities are joining together to overcome these challenges and become more self-sufficient. A lot of development is being made and that opens up a lot of possibilities for investments.

What is happening in Hong Kong:

Jack P. Chang, Managing Director at a Private company, Hong Kong, cited that in terms of business, there is not much happening. Still, it is worth pointing out that the government is giving a particular focus on the healthcare industry.

What is happening in Belgium: 

Benjamin Rieder, CEO at Californication Management, Belgium, mentioned that everyone is a bit hesitant to do business right now, mostly because of the signalling that they got from the US. He also noted that folks there are adapting to what they think is happening in the US since most of the exits that European investments or VCs do are towards the US.To able to join the next Summit and participate in the insightful exchange of investment news, make sure to check our schedule and register for our next event: https://pif.events/registration-form/