The 4 Most Prominent Lessons Investors Have Learned

The 4 Most Prominent Lessons Investors Have Learned

In the vast realm of finance, investing emerges as a domain often shrouded in complexity and unpredictability. Despite the many factors at play, certain elemental principles stand at the core of successful investing. In a rapidly changing economic landscape, grasping and adeptly applying these principles becomes crucial. The GILC Summit gathering was a prime example, offering a platform for global investors to exchange rich experiences and wisdom cultivated over extended careers. Let’s explore the enlightening insights shared during that gathering.

The Unsung Virtues of Financial Advising

Matteo Boffa, the esteemed President of the Swiss Business Council in Abu Dhabi, has consistently emphasized the transformative power of specialized financial counsel. He proposes that investing transcends mere number crunching or following market patterns. At its core, it’s about making enlightened choices. For a vast majority, navigating the convoluted corridors of investment strategies feels intimidating. In such scenarios, a seasoned financial advisor emerges as a beacon, serving dual roles as a knowledgeable guide and a strategic planner. A 2019 research piece from Vanguard fortifies Boffa’s belief, suggesting that the intervention of an advisor can amplify returns by a noteworthy 3%. However, the real essence of a financial advisor’s role lies beyond mere figures. They play a pivotal role during tumultuous market phases, delivering sagacious advice on when to buy, retain, or offload investments. Their expertise in devising tax-smart strategies also stands out as a particularly valuable aspect that often doesn’t get its due acknowledgment. Boffa adds a unique layer to this narrative, emphasizing that while professional insights are paramount, sometimes genuine advice from our personal networks, like friends and family, can provide well-meaning viewpoints.

The Intuitive Investor

A refreshing perspective comes from Mersin Capollari, an accomplished American investor and Managing Partner at Besimi Ventures. He champions an idea that might appear at odds with the prevailing data-centric methods: the undeniable potency of intuition. Drawing on humor, he states, “Statistics never lie, statisticians do.” This perspective doesn’t diminish the significance of data, but it spotlights the crucial role of experiential wisdom and the intuitive bridges it can build. Data offers a stable groundwork, but the intuitions, nurtured over years of hands-on experience, can uncover perspectives that evade quantification. Moreover, Capollari underlines an equally salient tenet – the essence of safeguarding capital. For institutions like single-family offices, the focus often pivots more towards preserving assets rather than pursuing high-stake growth. His insights underscore that in the overarching narrative of investment, triumph isn’t solely about voracious expansion, but also about safeguarding.

Leap of Faith in Leadership

Ricky Tejapaibul, CEO at Tech Wildcatters, offers a profound insight: “Investing is not just about understanding risks but about believing in the person leading the venture. It’s a leap of faith grounded in trust.” This sentiment underscores the importance of the human element in the investment equation, emphasizing that beyond the numbers and projections, it’s the leadership and vision that often determine the success of an investment.

Buffet’s Timeless Wisdom

Any discourse on investment would feel incomplete without drawing upon the enduring teachings of the investment maestro Warren Buffet, the stalwart leader of Berkshire Hathaway. Buffet’s staggering net worth, which exceeds $97 billion, undoubtedly amplifies his voice in the investment community. However, it’s his steadfast, timeless investment approach that truly sets him apart. Over the years, Buffet has ardently propagated the value of a contrarian stance, advising investors to steer clear of the capricious whirlwinds of market sentiment. His counsel emanates from an in-depth comprehension of market intricacies and the subtleties of behavioral finance. This viewpoint finds resonance in a study from the Journal of Finance, which underscores that contrarian strategies frequently yield better results than prevalent market trends. In Buffet’s vision, it’s not about merely going against the grain, but about staying unyieldingly true to one’s beliefs, even when market emotions suggest otherwise.


The intricate tapestry of investment offers bounteous rewards to those who possess the acumen to listen intently, assimilate knowledge, and pivot when needed. These golden nuggets from the investment vanguards remind us that triumphant investing harmoniously fuses empirical data with the delicate threads of human intuition. As the investment terrains keep shifting, these eternal principles remain as sturdy pillars, guiding both veteran investors and greenhorns towards sound, sagacious choices.