4th, February 2021

Global Investment Leaders Club

The Global Investment Leaders Summit is a meeting of renowned and respected leaders in the global investment industry. During the meeting, a thematic round table discussion will take place, followed by one-on-one face-to-face meetings. We expect a capacity of forty to sixty leaders to attend. At this event, we will discuss many important issues taking place in the world that affect us globally and locally.

Global Investment Leaders Club is hosting an intriguing and necessary event, the XXII GILC Summit. As we venture into 2021, we must ask ourselves what the state of the world, economies, and markets be.

This event will examine and discuss the possible paths that lay ahead. During this economic recession, we are all searching for beneficial ways to turn potentially dire situations into positive outcomes. What will the state of world travel be? Will there be increased lockdowns? Will travel be blocked completely, or impeded greatly for a portion of the year?

Many are faced with the need to travel for business and knowing the likelihood of being able to attend meetings and events via flight is a crucial bit of information that we need. The frequency of possible travel will be assessed as well.

According to the schedules of investors, the XXII GILC Summit will hold one-on-one face-to-face meetings. Investors will retain the ability to schedule and reschedule meetings according to their availability.

The world has experienced multiple lockdowns due to the pandemic, and the effect on markets and economies has ranged staggeringly. Will this roller coaster continue into 2021, and if so, how long will markets remain unstable? At what point will a comfortable level of consistency be reached again? This Summit intends to evaluate and explore these topics.

Despite the recessions and declining markets, Global Investment Leaders Club continues the tradition of organizing and exciting our Summits. The importance of exchanging information and ideas has never been more apparent. To thrive, we must understand the state of not only our industries but the world. Investments are not made on a whim, and the Summit intends to spread perspective and knowledge concerning our industries.

The Summit will begin with standard Registration then move into the Introduction; a relaxed and friendly atmosphere with a coffee to introduce the attending participants of the Summit.

The Roundtable portion of the Summit will ask what strategies, or changes you intend to implement as an answer to the global pandemic and economic shift. Examining the best steps to take on the path to a more stable future is a crucial endeavor.

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