The 111th PIFW: “2023 Investments in BioTech and Pharma. Risks and opportunities” 

111th PIFW

There is a lot of cash in publicly traded companies that essentially can’t be used; such companies have more cash than the book value of the companies themselves because everyone has withdrawn. The industry is currently facing a time where you see venture capital firms that are supposed to be encouraging innovation going after those companies because it’s an easy win. Therefore, folks don’t know which company to invest in anymore. They don’t believe in new ideas right now. On the other hand, there are private equity firms and family offices that are looking forward to investing in innovations in the field, and there will be quite a lot of them in 2023. This and many other insightful and valuable pieces of information were shared during the 111th PIFW: “2023 Investments in BioTech and Pharma. Risks and opportunities.” At the event, dozens of active investors, healthcare, pharma and biopharma specialists gathered together to discuss and share their views on many crucial matters of these industries. One such matter was decentralized clinical trials, which was the start of a lively and fruitful discussion among the experts as well as thoughtful insights shared during a question about the huge amounts of dry powder not being invested even though there are plenty of companies in need of it.

We want to express our gratitude to all the speakers who attended and contributed to the event:

  • Joshua McClure, CEO at Maxwell Bioscience, US.
  • Rajan Jethwa, CEO at Ellipses Pharma, UK.
  • Savvas Neophytou, CIO at Deepbridge Capital LLP, UK.
  • John H Abeles, CEO at Baines Partners LP, US.

We would also like to thank those who presented their wonderful investment opportunities during the event:

  • Joshua McClure and his revolutionary biomimetic molecules to combat various infectious pathogens.
  • Adrian Neilan for his insightful project to provide a new generation of health and well-being solutions;
  • Tobi Arkenau and his company focused on the development of innovative cancer medicines and treatments;
  • Martyn Boaden for his innovative medical device startup focused on improving the health of people in the expanding global dysphagia market;

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