104th Co-Investing Atrium – Signature Agriculture Investment Fund

Signature Agriculture Investment Fund

On the 23rd of November, 2022, the 104th Co-Investing Atrium was held by the Global Investment leaders club. The Co-Investing Atrium is a Club Gathering that has as its main goal to introduce and present extraordinary co-investment opportunities to the Club’s strong community of active investors. During the Atrium, a project or fund is presented to the investors, who, after that, will start to work in synergy to give this project/fund everything it needs to thrive. During the 104th Co-Investing Atrium, the fund presented was the Signature Agriculture Investment Fund, with a fund size of $50 million.

Signature Agriculture Investment Fund seeks to help farmers and consumers by acquiring traditional domestic agricultural assets and applying modern technology, to provide quality products and exceptional financial returns. They aim for cash flow by targeting existing agriculture businesses generating returns focusing on high-yield crops such as timothy, alfalfa hay, almonds, pistachios, walnuts & pecans. The focus of their assets are in the Southwest US, mainly California, Arizona, Nevada and New Mexico.

Anthony Jarrin, President & CEO at The Cannaregio Group, US, liked the fund and said he could definitely help by adding some value to the structure of the fund as well as helping figure out who the target investors are and how to deliver the right product of investment to them.

Joshua McClure, CEO at Maxwell Biosciences, found the fund to be quite interesting and was more than happy to give some suggestions on how to better structure and format their pitch and fundraising approach to yield better results.

Almas Mohammed, Founding Director at Great Ethos, UK, mentioned that a Ukrainian agritech fund that he’s associated with would absolutely find value and invest in the fund presented. He even stated that they will be able to assist the fund and provide resources to them through their portfolio companies. Almas said he would be happy to make this connection possible.

It is not possible for us to feature here all of the insightful and precious advice that was shared during the Co-Investing Atrium, but we would still like to commend and salute all of the investors who participated in the Co-Investing Atrium and showed their support to this outstanding fund.

  • Almas Mohammed, Principle at Great Ethos Holdings Limited, UK.
  • Rajan Jethwa, CEO at Ellipses Pharma, UK.
  • Sid Varma, Founder & CEO at Private Family Office, UK.
  • Trista Bridges, Principal and Cofounder at Read the Air, Japan.
  • Joshua McClure, CEO at Maxwell Biosciences, US.
  • Anthony Jarrin, President & CEO at The Cannaregio Group, US.
  • Anu Pansare, CEO at Volyx, US.
  • Charles Sidman, Founder and MP at ECS Capital Partners LLC, US.
  • Ambuj Mathur, MP at Indite Ventures LLP, India.
  • Jon Bennion-Pedley, CEO at Investment Owl, Uganda.

Later on, thanks to their participation and presentation at the Co-Investing Atrium, the Signature Agriculture Investment Fund was able to gather many wise suggestions and pieces of information on how to properly carry on with the fund as well as how to structure it in a way that will attract more resources. Not only that, but they were also able to cultivate many valuable connections to help them close the round.

This would not have been possible if it wasn’t for the outstanding opportunity provided by the Co-Investing Atrium held by the Global Investment Leaders Club, which gave the fund the opportunity it needed to be showcased to dozens of active and well-regarded international investors. The Global Investment Leaders Club consists of a strong and exclusive community of active investors in the fields of healthcare, biotech, tech, energy, and agriculture, and much more! If you’re interested in presenting your fund or project to dozens of successful investors at our next Co-Investing Atrium, be sure to send us an email at: office@pif.events