Edmond Hui

…My name is Edmond Hui, I’m based in Shanghai and I’m originally from the UK, from London. I’m a CEO of Acacia Venture Capital Partners, which is an early-stage venture fund that invests primarily outside of China. But what we do is we link up Chinese opportunities (what we call ‘geographical arbitrage’), so looking at patent matching within China and then applying that to emerging markets. It gives very good returns, IRR is currently at 128% annualised for fund 2.

When we go out of China we also bring companies into China as well, thus helping our portfolio a lot to assist companies with connecting to Chinese giants like the leading logistics player Sum-Shum. I would advise guest participants in the Global Investment Leaders Club to definitely enjoy the experience of being a Club member; it’s a unique experience to be able to meet people from all around the world and various investment industries, and I’ve had the opportunity to meet a very diverse group of people, plenty of people who I’d like to collaborate with in the future and I have a lot of kudos for those interactions.

Edmond Hui, Founder & CEO at Acacia Venture Capital Partners (China)