Craig Astill

I’m Craig Astill, I’m the CEO of Caason Group, an Australia based single family office in Melbourne. Our interests are primarily in the agro and agrotech space, as well as mining and mining tech. As a family office we are pretty diversified where we are investing into,  that also takes us out to environmental technologies, FinTech and also into IT. We primarily directly invest into companies which we hope will bring benefit to us. We’ve got several prominent examples of that and in some cases we think that we have already backed one or two companies that might potentially be unicorns. So, certainly this forum has been terrific to network with a number of interesting people that has helped us commercialize some of the technologies that we have invested into. That’s where I’ve seen the opportunity with the Club to genuinely present terrific networking opportunities on a global scale. 

Craig Astill, Managing Director & Chief Executive Officer at Caason Group (Australia)