Charlie Sidman

My name is Charlie Sidman, I’m about a year into my Global Investment Leaders Club membership experience. I joined to popularize my new investment fund: it’s a new innovative venture fund, focused on science-based very early-stage enterprises that have impact and inventivity. We have great deals in health sectors, in sustainability, energy and a smattering of other things that I just can’t turn down, because they meet all of those objectives. We work globally, and we can accept investment participation globally. Just in terms of macro observations from the earlier part of our conversation, I’m still seeing huge numbers of really exciting opportunities. I’m in a serious due diligence process with 7 companies at the moment, many of my investments are doing very-very well, very exciting. The global economic picture (both the macro and the fiscal stuff) and the geopolitical situation have interfered a little bit in our early-stage sectors and exits. M&As are being somewhat affected now by the decline in the listed public stock markets. But we’re still continuing to invest because, as per the old popular saying, ‘when the going gets tough – the tough get going’ and there’s huge opportunities here. So I welcome all of our newer participants to the Club!