Ambuj Mathur at GILC

“I have been involved in the Global Investment Leaders Club since January- February of 2020.

The forum has enabled us to meet new people who we would have not met otherwise, especially during the year of lockdown.

For the past 1.5 years, we meet regularly on a virtual platform and spend a couple of hours on Thursdays over a cup of coffee, exchanging notes and identifying opportunities of mutual interest. It has become an essential part of our routine.

Every interaction has been a really nice experience with a lot of mutual learning.

While not everything leads to a business deal, we do walk away with a lifetime of relationships with at least one new friend.

The hybrid model of virtual meetings in carefully curated groups, set up using the ‘Connecting Leaders’ app works very well. The forum also provides the contact coordinates of everyone we meet one-on-one to take things forward.

GILC, thank you very much for organizing this and getting this set of disparate people from all around the world together on a common platform.”

Ambuj Mathur, Managing Partner at Indite Ventures LLP