Daniella Timoshenko

Daniella Timoshenko is a Chief Business Officer at the Global Investment Leaders Club. 

Daniella is aware of different cultures, and how investors from all around the world prefer to do their business. She got her  Master’s degree in Business while studying in Italy and Japan. Currently Daniella personally works with over 300 active investors from America, Europe and Asia helping in growing their network of new influential people and keeping their privacy as the top priority at the same time.  She has been working with the club for 3 years.

Daniella has helped a number of funds and investment project owners to meet with qualified investors and strategic partners.

Alina Pylypenko

Alina Pylypenko

Alina Pylypenko is the Director of the Client Relationship Department. 

Alina is an active, communicative, responsible, purposeful and accommodating lady. She speaks 5 languages and has extensive experience working with investors and businessmen from Europe, America and the Middle East, guiding them through the investors’ community towards achieving their goals.

Julia Yaryna

Julia Yarina

Julia is the General Manager at the Global Investment Leaders Club. She studied in the Middle East and Europe to get her business and management degree. For over 5 years Julia lived in one of the richest countries in the world – Qatar, and there she learned how the wealthiest businessmen and investors value keeping their deals private to build a strong portfolio. Currently, Julia personally manages 700 investors from the USA, UK, Europe and the Middle East. 

Helping investors and fund managers to achieve their goals is Julia’s passion, as she believes that only constant development brings new possibilities.

Lana Shpitko

Lana Shpytko

Lana is the Head of Club Relationship Assistance.

Lana’s goal is to understand the needs and expectations of every client, should it be a large investor, or a head of a small family office or, perhaps, a CEO of a promising startup. She makes sure that in each meeting they have in the Club, members receive good results and build foundations for long-lasting relationships. 

Lana and her team always create a friendly ambience during the Club gatherings to enable fruitful communication between participants.


Victoria Lysogora

Victoria is a Relationship Manager.

Victoria is a cross-functional professional equipped with strong analytical skillset. She speaks 5 languages and holds 2 Master’s degrees in Law and Pedagogics. Viktoria loves to travel and explore new countries, cultures and traditions. Her unique experience enables the development of strategic partnerships within the global investors’ community.