May 2023 issue of Investors’ News

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Read in the May 2023 issue of Investors’ News: Denmark focuses on digital infrastructure, heavy competition for talent between Saudi Arabia and the UAE, the paradoxical situation in France, Warren Buffett endorses the search for undervalued companies in Japan and much more.

What is happening in India? 

Ganapathie Iyer, CEO at Bharathvarsha, stated that India is experiencing tremendous growth and development, as evidenced by the largest GST collection domestically. One of the key drivers of this growth is the government’s focus on infrastructure development, which has been yielding positive results across various sectors. The recent oil boom has also been a significant factor contributing to India’s economic growth. In fact, India has emerged as the largest exporter of refined petroleum products in the world. Sanjay Chaudhary, Partner at Tata Capital Growth Fund, also noted how overall, the next year looks promising for India, especially for small and micro-cap companies. The interest rate cycle may be pausing, which could benefit some investment areas.

What is happening in Denmark?

Torben Baltzer, Partner at Copenhagen Capital Partners, said that Denmark is placing a big focus on digital infrastructure and maneuverability, reflecting a trend that has been ongoing for some time. This emphasis is in line with the country’s proactive approach towards technological advancements. With a strong commitment to innovation, Denmark is positioning itself as a key player in the digital economy.

What is happening in France?

Guy Chauvel, CEO at What’s Next Partners, expressed how the current situation in France appears to be quite paradoxical. While there is some social chaos associated with the new law regarding the age of retirement, the economy is holding up well in the face of inflation. Furthermore, there is a steady increase in foreign investment in France, which is certainly a positive sign.

What is happening in the UAE?

John Rose, Chairman of Rose Marketing Ltd, claimed that one of the latest developments that has created quite a buzz is the achievement of the first UAE astronaut in space, which has generated a lot of excitement and conversation. Overall, the economy is thriving, and there are many positive indicators of growth and development. One of the most significant changes in recent times has been the booming real estate market, driven by a surge of Russian tourists and immigrants, as well as other people from around the world drawn to the city’s low tax jurisdiction. However, this influx of new residents has led to a rise in overall costs in the city. Martin Fritsch, Group Chief Financial Officer at VFS Global, also noted that another trend worth mentioning was the competition for talent between Saudi Arabia and the UAE, which is becoming increasingly intense. While Dubai has made it easier for foreigners to obtain visas, rules around amortization are becoming tougher. Additionally, the crypto industry is flourishing, with Web 3 being a hot topic of discussion.

What is happening in Dominica?

Ana Judith Alma, Board Member at Anacaona, mentioned that Dominica is enjoying stable economic growth, with tourism as the number one industry, which continues to expand. The country’s strategic location near the US and between South America and Europe makes it attractive for logistics companies, and its government has implemented laws and incentives to encourage near-shoring. Real estate is also a strong sector, with affordable beachfront resorts and properties that are becoming popular among second-home buyers. In addition, the country benefits from a significant amount of remittances sent by Dominicans living in the US, which helps support the lower-income population. Overall, these industries are currently booming and contributing to the country’s positive economic outlook.

What is happening across Africa?

Jon Bennion-Pedley, CEO at Investment Owl, stated that Uganda, like many countries around the world, is experiencing inflation and unusual weather patterns that are impacting agriculture and other sectors. However, with the gradual shift away from the old guard, there is a growing presence of young, educated, and globally-minded Ugandans and Sub-Saharan Africans. This is particularly exciting because there is a large youth population, many of whom possess strong qualifications and a natural entrepreneurial spirit. With 400,000 graduates entering an economy that only creates 6,000 jobs annually, entrepreneurship is a necessity. So while there are certainly challenges, there are also abundant opportunities.

What is happening in Japan?

Bryan Kazuya Mori, CEO at Begonia Capital, stated that there has been a recent surge of enthusiasm surrounding Japan, with even Warren Buffett endorsing the search for undervalued companies in the country. Various engagement and activism strategies are being employed to unlock value, and the Tokyo Stock Exchange is pushing for reforms to address the issue of undervaluation. This excitement is largely due to the recognition of inefficiencies or other factors that are causing these companies to trade below their book value. There are many factors contributing to this trend, and it is an exciting time for Japan from an investment standpoint.

What is happening in Singapore?

Bryan Kazuya Mori, CEO at Begonia Capital, also noted that there has been a significant increase in rental prices in Singapore recently, and it seems that many people in the region are also experiencing this trend. This is due to an influx of people moving to Singapore, including those setting up family offices, which has resulted in a high demand for housing. In addition to locals, people from other countries such as China are also relocating to Singapore. These factors have contributed to the increase in rent prices.

What is happening in Silicon Valley?

According to Kiki Mwiti, Founder at DYVVYD, Silicon Valley has witnessed significant changes and developments in the technology space, largely triggered by the pandemic and the ensuing economic turbulence. Despite the challenges, the tech industry has continued to thrive, with a lot of buzz around Web 3, metaverse, and NFTs. While some of this hype has been speculative, there are promising opportunities in the metaverse space, particularly in terms of its utility and potential to transform various industries. Blockchain technology has also been a game changer, creating more accessibility and infrastructure for global cross-border transactions. Silicon Valley is at the forefront of this movement, with a growing interest in emerging regions where blockchain could complement existing technologies such as fintech and e-commerce. However, recent events such as the FTX scandal have led to increased volatility and a loss of confidence in the Web 3 space. As a result, there has been a shift towards institutional markets, with larger entities such as JP Morgan Chase and Bank of America showing interest in taking over smaller banks.

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