Gavin Nathan

Gavin Nathan: My experiences with the Global Investment Leaders Club have been more than pleasant. It is quite an interesting and entertaining group where I met some really fascinating people. It’s a club full of leaders that are looking to help each other to grow and develop and identify what they will need to do for the years to come. In the Club, investors are not just looking for a deal to get done today or tomorrow.

They’re looking at building a long-term trustworthy relationship, which is something that I really passionately look for. I use the opportunity the Club provides to establish trustful connections passionately because this is a chance that doesn’t exist a lot today in the world that we live in and for business. If you’re looking for a place that is light, with enthusiastic people, who are looking for growth, potential and for connecting with like-minded individuals, this is one of the places you should look at, for sure

Gavin Nathan, Senior Executive Vice President of Canam Private Equity (Switzerland)