110th Global Investment Leaders Club Summit

110th GILC Summit

On January 19, 2023, the 110th GILC Summit took place with great success. During the 110th GILC Summit, many respected investors and investment experts could break free from their daily worries to join the gathering and take part in the sharing of personal and professional information while establishing life-long relationships with each other. As a new year has arrived, it is crucial to have an overview of the start of the year in different countries from a business and investment perspective from fellow investors, which is why today we will bring some of the valuable international news that was shared by the investment leaders during the 110th GILC Summit.

What is happening in the US?

According to Jonathan Weinstein, COO at Stone House Partners, from an investment perspective, is focused on research and portfolio management before anything else. But given the market volatility in 2023, there is a lot of potential for investments. Some folks are looking for a more defensive type of investment, while others are just really focused on their current investments. Jody Read, CEO at Sapphire Disinfection Solutions also added that the labor force in the country has not improved.

What is happening in the UK?

As claimed by Karan Luximon, Partner at Saranac Partners, a lot of social events, including massive strikes in various sectors, are the main topic at the moment. He also mentioned that folks are working hard to combat the rising inflation, which has been one of the reasons for a salary decrease in the country, which led to a staff shortage in many businesses. Like in the US, folks are focusing more on their own current investments at the moment in terms of equity investment. All things considered, finding growth is becoming quite challenging in some sectors. He said that the general outlook is not as bad as we see in common media. There are a lot of entrepreneurs and a lot of excellent businesses who are looking to grow and make MNA acquisitions, for example. It is a challenging environment, but one that still has a lot to offer.

What is happening in Indonesia? 

As stated by Paul Spallini, CTO & Co-Founder at Outlanders, the country is receiving a large volume of tourism and a lot of investments are being made in the tourism sector, which is one of the primary forms of revenue in the country, contributing to roughly 80% of the revenue generated in the country.

What is happening in Canada? 

In accordance with what Mira Sirotic, Director of Investor Relations at Maxwell Biosciences, said that the inflation rate of the country did go down in the last few months; it is currently at 6.3%. Even though things are not near what the averages were at 3%, things are definitely going back up slowly. The current inflation continues to impact pricing at a number of indices such as groceries and other goods, but gas prices have gone down quite considerably since last fall, dropping about 30%, which is substantial. She also mentioned that the stock market has started to rebound, which is a sign that things are slowly but surely going back to normal. Conforming to Jacques Farges, Director and Co-Founder at Rainforest Automation, the west coast of the country is seeing a lot of construction and a large number of people coming in and out of the area. He mentioned that investment-wise, companies require more money than before, so there is an emphasis on maintaining current investments as opposed to getting new investments, which makes it more challenging for new investors to get started.

What is happening in Thailand? 

As mentioned by Pankom Kaewmuan, CIO at Shidome Strategic Investment, the country expects to receive far more investments in the fintech area. Investments will definitely be more funded this year as the interest rate has increased since last year.

What is happening in Switzerland?

As said by Fiona Fischer, Owner of GEDI, there is significant pressure on the real estate market and the housing market as people are finding it very difficult to find affordable housing. Gavin Nathan, Executive Vice President at Canam Private Equity & Asset Management, added that there is a lot of focus on the sustainable climate change and biotech industries, with more funding being directed toward these industries.

What is happening in the Czech Republic?

In agreement with what was said by Pavel Cech, Private Fund Manager at Czech Portfolio Investment, the main topic of news is the presential election, as the first round happened this weekend, so not a lot has happened on the business side of things as folks are more focused on the political situation.

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